Sexual Problems In Men And What Can We Do About Them


Sexual health is not a topic that most men feel comfortable talking about. Still, we should be aware of which problems may manifest in our sex life so we can treat them properly. So let’s begin with what they exactly are. A sexual problem is any dysfunction that shows up during any moment of a sexual activity and that does not allow a man or his partner to experience complete satisfaction from it. Fortunately, most cases of sexual dysfunction can be treated, that’s why you must not hesitate in sharing your concerns with a doctor or a specialist.

But what causes these sexual problems? There are two types of causes: physical and psychological ones. The physical causes include diabetes, heart diseases, lack of a natural hormone balance, chronic diseases such as kidney and liver failure, and also alcoholism and drug abuse. The psychological causes include stress cause by work problems, being worried about the sexual performance and not being able to satisfy one’s partner, marital problems or fights, depression or feelings of guilt, and also effects of a sexual trauma that happened in the past.

The most common sexual problems in men are ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction and reduced libido or sexual desire. Ejaculation disorders, like premature ejaculation are caused mostly by traumatic past events and psychological factors like feeling guilty while having sex, they are also caused by nervousness. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of having or maintaining a strong erection during intercourse. This weak erection problem can be caused by diseases that affect the blood flow to the penis, since the erection is achieved when enough blood enters the erectile tissue of the penis. The last problem is a low libido, which is a decrease for interest in sexual activity, it can be caused by having low levels of the hormone called testosterone but it can also be caused by psychological problems like anxiety and depression.

So, what can be done about it? Doctors recommend patients with sexual problems to use products based on maca because of its amazing properties as a male enhancer. That is what makes Maca Enhancer such a great alternative for men who suffer from problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction or want to improve their sexual performance or are looking for penis enlargement help. This can be achieved because Maca Enhancer increases the capacity of the erectile tissue of the penis called Corpora Cavernosa so that more blood enter the penis filling the erectile tissue and therefore achieving a longer and thicker erection. Maca is also known for being able to increase the sexual desire and also for being able to block adrenaline surges that halt an erection and are caused by sexual performance anxiety.

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Obesity and Sexual Health – 6 Effects of Belly Fat on Sexual Function

With obesity rates on the rise, the effects of being overweight have become the topic of increasing attention, and a great deal of effort has been put into making the public aware of the dangers of excess body fat. However, one aspect of this problem – its impact on sexual health – is often overlooked. While many individuals who are overweight do enjoy a satisfying sex life, men who are carrying excess weight should be aware of the potential adverse effects. Learning to embrace a healthy lifestyle and giving adequate attention to care of the penis may be of use in countering some of these effects.

1. Cardiovascular problems One of the most dangerous aspects of obesity is its effect on heart health. According to Jennifer Logue, MD, of the University of Glasgow, men who are obese have a 60% greater chance of suffering a fatal heart attack than men of normal body weight. Obesity-related circulatory problems are also a prominent factor in loss of penis function, which affects the ability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection.

2. Nerve damage. Sexual health depends in part on nerve function, which is also affected by obesity in certain respects. In the first place, the excess weight simply results in too much pressure on the nerve tissue, restricting its ability to transmit pleasurable sensations to the brain. Secondly, type 2 diabetes, a common obesity-related problem, is known to destroy nerve tissue; both of these issues can cause reduced penis sensitivity and impair the ability to enjoy sex.

3. Decreased immune function. Type 2 diabetes is also closely linked to immune function, impairing the body’s ability to fight off disease. Men who are overweight may be more likely to develop penis problems such as yeast infection and bacterial infections which may cause discomfort, as well as ongoing skin problems that can get in the way of sexual enjoyment and detract from the appearance and sensitivity of the penis.

4. Decreased stamina. Men who are overweight often report that sex with a partner is just too much of a chore, finding that they run out of steam before they are able to complete the act.

5. Body image. Men who are carrying excess weight often feel self-conscious about the way they look and are reluctant to engage in sex with a partner, as they believe that their appearance is off-putting. On top of this, fat in the abdominal area can make the penis appear smaller than it really is, adding to a man’s reluctance to get close enough for sex.

6. Self-esteem. The emotional damage caused by obesity cannot be overlooked, as it can lead to severe loss of self-esteem, which has a negative effect on a man’s libido and can even result in depression and other emotional problems.

Tips for coping with obesity and improving sexual function

While the ultimate answer for solving obesity-related problems is, of course, to lose weight, there are other steps that men can take during this process to support penis health and increase their enjoyment of sex:

· Eat a high-fiber, low fat diet. Eating right and avoiding fatty, salty foods can increase energy levels, promoting weight loss at the same time. Higher energy levels and the feeling of doing something positive in terms of weight loss can help boost body image and libido and lead to more satisfying sex.

· Exercising regularly not only helps the pounds melt away, it increases endorphin levels, helping men to feel better and more attractive, as well as increasing energy for sex.

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Woman’s Sexual Health – Tell Your Doctor About Woman’s Sexual Health?

Sex is the natural part of human experiences. It should be amazed and enjoyable. It is a vital part of human’s life. It included the balance of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. The sex life which can satisfy you and your partner helps to create a long lasting and healthy intimate relationship.

However, there are a lot people facing anxiety, pain and sorrow when talks about sex. Studies show that 30%-45% of people are facing problem or displeasure in their sex life. Some of them even have low sex drive. According to a study which released in year 2002, almost 30% of women are having low sex drive. Only 17% of them search for help.

From these figures, we know that it is a must to talk out this issue with someone. Still, many feel people feel shame and uneasy when talk about sexual problems they have. The drugs like Viagra and Levitra have help men to feel easier to discuss their sexual problems with doctors especially with the erection issue. However, there are still many men and ladies left their sex concern to themselves rather than talk it out, they miss a chance enjoy their sex life.

According to the research, only 35% of the primary care physicians are asking their patients sex concern at least 75% of the time. Their pay more attention on the reproduction, treatment and the prevention of disease, but not the patient’s satisfaction in sex life.

Many excuses have been given by doctors for not asking the question about sex. It can included they feel shame and not prepare to ask, they think that the sexual experiences is not significant, and the time limitation. This is your decision to decide whether to discuss this topic with your doctor. When talks about this issue to your doctor, it is important that you should state out certain medical conditions such like diabetes, cardiac problems and depression that may be cause the sexual health. Hormones can be the issue of this topic sometimes.

Many reason can affected your sex life. For example, relationship problems, the fears to perform sex or body image and the past experiences which related to sexual abuse. This could bring negative effect on the sex life. Doctor can help you by refer you to professional in order to overcome these problems.

Below are the tips for you on how you talk your sex problems with doctors:

1) Remember that enjoy sex is something natural in human, and you have your right for that! It is as natural as enjoying a delicious meal, your body has been exposed to such enjoyment, so does sex.

2) Get a journal of your sexual experiences. You can noted down a month record about your sexual experiences, how often you do sex, your feeling when you do sex, the erection problems that you are facing, the trouble with stimulation and orgasm. A healthy sex life does not exclude the desire to make love.

3) Before you do to doctor, it is better if you do some research. You can get that sexual health information from internet and books. This reading on your concern can enhance the communication between you and your doctor. You will know how to choose the right word and message to deliver your message more clearly.

4) Have your notes with you during the meeting. People will get anxious, in hurry when meet up doctors. This will be the obstacle for communicate openly and effectively with doctors. You might not be able to say out what is really in your mind. Note is a good helper to remind you the things that you want to say. You can read from notes when talk to doctors or you can pass it to your doctors.

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Increasing Male Libido and Ways to Improve Sexual Health

The average size of a penis is 5 to 7 inches. Most men hit their peak sexually around 21 and women hit theirs at 31. This represents many problems. It can be hard to keep up that sex drive or male libido for your women after a few years. The problem could be impotence or erectile dysfunction, but it could also just be you don’t have as many hormones driving you. This is very common among men, and there are many ways to improve your sexual desire and performance.

Additionally, if your a male and looking to improve your ability to pleasure your women, it is good to be able to reach orgasm yourself. This is because it helps stimulate the women and promotes your own sex drive. In order to solve this problem there are many solutions. For bigger size you may want to try penis extenders. These types of products use penis traction in order to give you erections with more girth and length. This works by stretching out the cells in your penis shaft and then your body naturally fills these spaces with more cells. By getting a high quality extender you can really have some good enlargement results and it is fairly painless and comfortable. Generally, with these types of enlargement products, you can wear them for about 12 hours at a time. They also have adjustable sizing to fit your needs perfectly.

Another type of solution for ED, low male libido, and low sex drive is male enhancement supplements. Natural ones are the best because they don’t cause you problems like diarrhea, headache, heart health risks, or erections that last more then 4 hours. Some of the typical ingredients found in the best male enhancement pills are MSM, Muira Pauma, and Pomegranate. These herbs all work with your body to improve overall penis health as well as increase blood flow, and help your penile cells transfer blood more healthily. There are many research backed clinical studies to show the male enhancement effects of these types of ingredients. They work to raise Nitric Oxide levels in the blood and help cell durability. You can get all the great sexual benefits without the harsh side effects of something like Viagra or Cialis. It is a healthy alternative that should be utilized by every man who needs to improve their sexual performance.

Finally, there are supplements like topical creams and oils that improve male sexual health and increase libido. These products contain similar ingredients to enhancement pills and get absorbed right through the skin and into the blood stream. With these there are also no harsh side effects and you can get a little bit more potent results because the herbs and nutrients in these topical creams don’t pass through your digestive system.

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What Men and Women Should Understand About His Sexual Health

If you were to take a survey on the amount of available information regarding sexual health, you would quickly conclude that the topic of female sexual health is discussed much much more than males sexual health in general. When it comes to the more specific niche of anti aging, the topic of sexual health for men becomes a topic for discussion to a much greater extent. However, no matter what the age group happens to be, sexually active men are prone to sexual risk just as well as women. It really does not matter whether the man is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual male sexual health should not be taken for granted. Issues that could compromise male sexual health should be identified and addressed in order to prevent or minimize safety concerns for both the man and his partner.

Men who are conscious of their diet and physical condition tend to be healthier in general and also healthier sexually. Having a strong cardiovascular system, muscle tone and strong bone structure contributes to good overall health which in turns allows the bodies natural immune system to more readily fight off sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Also, being in a one on one relationship greatly reduces the likelihood of contracting a STD. Especially if neither partner uses intravenous drugs.

Some of the diseases or disorders associated with male sexual health are:

When a male ejaculates prior to or immediately after penetration, this is referred to as premature ejaculation. This can happen when he is either overly aroused, is experiencing anxiety or has lost control. When sperm is somehow forced backwards up into the bladder instead of out of the penis, this called retrograde ejaculation. Finally when the ejaculation occurs so slow that it does not allow orgasm, than this referred to as retarded ejaculation. When the male is not able to become erect or the erection does not last long enough to have sexual intercourse or ejaculation, this condition is referred to as erectile dysfunction or impotence. The causes for this can be medical or psychological.

Some men experience a reduction in sexual desire. There may be a number of different reasons for this to occur. It could be psychological, diabetes, high blood pressure, medications or lowered testosterone. As mentioned above men are usually not prone to sexually transmitted infections or diseases if they practice safe sex, are in a monogamous relationship and do not take intravenous drugs or have sex with a partner who uses intravenous drugs. However, if he does contract a STD or STI, he will experience symptoms such as urination problems, urine with blood, a discharge from is penis, lesions or sores or itching on the genitals.

If a person does experience any of the sexual problems cited above, the best advice is to obtain medical attention immediately. No matter if the underlying cause is physical or psychological, there are numerous therapies that can bring about successful resolution of the problem. In many instances the therapy involves both a physical and psychological component to address not only the physical, but the mental and social impacts of the problem.

Immediate medical assistance must be sought when it comes to problems concerning male sexual health. Diagnosis is usually done through physical and psychological exams, as well as a thorough evaluation of medical history. Treatment usually comes in two phases: medical treatment for physical symptoms and psychological therapy for mental and social factors.

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What Are Some of the Issues of Sexual Health?

Are you thinking seriously about sexual health? The last thing we want to admit is that we’re not doing everything we could or should to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction or unwanted pregnancy. “I didn’t know” is never an excuse, so whether you’re 15 or 45, it’s time to give yourself a serious once-over and be sure you’re taking the right steps to live a healthy lifestyle.

Recent studies suggest that trust is a large factor in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, and it’s not just teenagers who put too much blind faith in their partners. Adults need to take their sexual health more seriously, health experts say.

New research suggests that the number of sexually transmitted diseases has doubled in less than ten years for people over 45 years old. Approximately 45% of older adults with an STD suffered from genital warts specifically, and 1 in 5 had herpes.

Older adults are less likely to use condoms, which explains the 127% increase in incidences. Teenagers most commonly contract things like genital warts, HPV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. Some say the increased access to birth control and the ease of treatment for many STDs has led to a rise in teens having sex, while other health experts argue that our society has changed and teens will live dangerously regardless. At any rate, sexual health is contingent upon education; not just from a class at school, but from at home. Parents should heed their own advice as well.

Male and female sexual health plays a role in pregnancy. Reproductive health problems go beyond the ability to have a healthy, happy baby, and get right down to brass tacks and the sense of personal fulfillment in a relationship. Differing expectations or inability to perform can cause a partner to stray; thus, leading to divorce, or may create depression from continual disappointment.

There are many factors that influence reproductive health, such as age, lifestyle, genetics, habits, medication and environment. The good news is that many of the sexual problems adults face can be corrected.

As we age, sexual health becomes more and more important. For women, not only does the risk for cervical and breast cancer increase, but women also undergo “the change of life” with menopause in their fifties to sixties. For men, the risk of erectile dysfunction, testicular or prostate cancer and irritable bowel syndrome can increase.

“If I could highlight one significant change from over the past five years, it would be the greater willingness of midlife and older adults to discuss sex as a health issue with their health professionals,” said Linda Fisher, a research director. A survey done reported that more people consult their health care professional about sexual health topics, more than twice as many men use performance enhancing drugs and more people feel that both sexual and overall health is a critical part of a good relationship.

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